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I won't call it fetish, because its simply shallow and doesn't mean a thing other than overly simplify this highly complex

I realize that everyone is different, and this particular fascination might have evolved out of more or less deep subconscious
areas of your mind. But I will assume in most of you its pretty deep. In my case it has to do with so called
"mother issue" and older girl, my cousin (that i had a crush on) bullying me when i was a kid.

What I wanted to say... is: Don't be afraid of who you are... Always tell the truth about your likes (when somebody
asks of course, don't go walking around with a sign that you like muscular women LOL) People around you wlll then see
you as a stronger person, because you are not afraid of rejection amongst your friends or a family. They may joke
around a bit, but then they'll realize it won't change anything and they'll stop. Both with family and friends it's the same
in my experience... So don't be afraid of who you are, be proud of it. Most men don't accept muscular women because
they are insecure about themselves, they cant accept the fact that a woman can be stronger than them both
physically and mentally. Because most men wouldn't last working out and dieting... they are too lazy. They simply aren't
true men...

Another thing i'd like to share, is try to go deeper into your appreciation of powerful, muscular women. Don't treat it
as a simple turn-on or a fetish. It's A LOT more! Muscles are just an externalization of this deeply seeded attraction.
Most of the time (And I'm not saying those are the only options, only those that I find the most common and important)
it will be connected to wanting to be taken care of by a strong, protective, muscular woman (mother issue) or being with a
woman that you can treat as your mighty heroine (hero worship), or being looked down upon or even bullied or beaten up
by a girl. Those seem like simple things, but they are not... They are seeded deeply in your subconscious mind, and can affect
every single thing you do in your adult life. Therefore being aware of those things can help you notice when it happens,
and understand how it affects your life (if it does at all) in any way.

To me it was a great journey, that started as a simple turn-on/fetish when i was about 12 and ended as a lifestyle in my 30's.
I will never date a woman that isn't muscular. Granted, that might sound shallow, but this is one of the reasons I'm writing
this entry. It's not. Don't let anyone judge you based on your likes and attractions. This is something that is a part of you,
and if someone can't accept that part of you, maybe they don't accept you...

Thanks to the fact that I was ALWAYS (well not always but since i came to USA) open about what I like I have met few
interesting people, and my current lovely goddess of a girlfriend. She knew what she was getting in to with me and she
loved it! Being honest with women will allow you not to waste time on relationships that aren't making you 100% happy,
because they will end promptly, and it will also save some heart-ache to the girl if you wont let her deeply fall in love with
you. So you have a chance to meet the woman of your dreams, that you can be truly happy with in ALL POSSIBLE WAYS...
NEVER settle for half-truths, and half-happiness, always strive for TRUE 100% happiness, because that is THE ONLY way
for you to have it... NEVER GIVE UP...

Another reason I'm writing this is, I have found a post of a wife trying to find help on some relationship forums
about her husband that has a muscle fetish. She felt bad about it and was trying to get some advice on how she
can "help him". So I wrote a reply to her: There's a saying "Never try to change others around you - That's impossible.
Only thing you can change is you" so if she REALLY loves him she can try and join his fantasy by signing up for the gym
and living the fantasy with him. Then he wouldn't have a need to sit in front of computer as much as he did, looking for
pictures and video clips of muscular women (she complained about it). Another option she has is leaving the relationship
because based on my experience with women i was with, i was NEVER truly happy until my current girlfriend. If her man
loves her and she claimed he did, he would never tell her that hes unhappy, because he would be afraid of loosing her.
So If she loves him and is unable to join in his fantasy, she should leave him... And people's comments on that thread
were completely clueless, people completely don't understand this attraction and that it's not a simple fetish...
They were treating him as a sick person like an addict, or a pervert, or sex addict... This infuriated me, and pushed me
to write this entry in my Journal.

VERY IMPORTANT ADDITION THOUGH... PLEASE! I feel I should add this on the beginning of this post. I never meant
this journal entry to be the cause of long time relationships falling apart. If you are already in a relationship with a woman.
BEFORE you tell her about your love for muscle, VERY carefully weigh everything, because this may destroy the harmony
and trust, she had in you. Weigh if its worth loosing long term love... I directed this journal entry to single guys who are 
still looking for their dream women. LOVE is what is THE MOST important thing not muscle... If you already have LOVE
don't start searching for muscle now, it seems it's kinda too late for that. When I said don't waste time with 
relationship you are not 100% happy with I meant fresh relationships, with women you meet as you look for your
dream-woman, relationships that don't have deep love formed yet and that wouldn't hurt the other side... 
I'm sorry I didn't notice and specify that before, I would like to inspire people, but not be the inspiration to make their
relationships fall apart... I'm truly sorry for that!!!


My few thoughts i had recently
Best regards Les

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United States
Little about me:

I was born in Poland in 1982, grew up starting to develop a crush on muscular women at about age of 12. And later decided THIS IS what I want to do when I grow up, take photos of female bodybuilders, and create art involving the same subject... at age 21 I immigrated to USA, to make this dream come true. At first it was really hard, I had to work 2 jobs etc, but in free time I developped my skills in 3d graphics and photography, took a loan to buy a 3grand camera. I went to all bodybuilding shows nearby, to get to meet people in this industry. After 6 years of pursuing the recognition in the bb community, I managed to make friends with owners of and I'm eternally grateful to them because they introduced me to the "behind courtains" part of this community. Thanks to the fact I have been working with them, taking photos or shooting video for them, I got to know lots of other website owners, lots of models, and thats what allowed me to do what I do today. Hopefully this year those dreams will come to existence. Fem-powerextreme is already up and running, the photo/video website will launch in the end of 2010...

EDIT: launched in march 2011... And I now started bulking up for my first BB show maybe even this year... So far I've gained 20 pounds in 16 weeks.

So here's a very condensed story of how my interests evolved... Dreams DO come true if you REALLY want them to and pursue them... :)

[EDIT March 2015]
To add to what i wrote before... That your dreams are the most important, and do come true, some of you might know already, but I have
FINALLY met the woman of my dreams, shes a physique competitor and is beautiful inside and out. Her beautiful soul makes me the
happiest man alive... I'm saying that not to gloat or anything like that. I'm saying it all to show you all that your dreams can come true
no matter how improbable they are... Keep dreaming... and whats more important, do steps to get to your dreams, and you will get


Current Residence: Chicago
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Favourite cartoon character: my own :P Ladies
Personal Quote: "Dance like nobody's watching. Sing like nobody's listening. Love like you've never been hurt."


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